Friday, June 3, 2011

Winter in Melbourne.

Well..... Winter has started with that crisp wind and that unforgiving chill as you get out of bed each morning. However with this seasonal change comes a whole new wave of style as girls put away their summer dresses and the boys say goodbye to their shorts for a while. The fascination of huge fluffy beanies, trench coats, scarves, duffel coats, cloaks and capes is only just beginning. There's something wonderful about something beautiful being concealed and hidden under dramatic over sized materials portraying self individuality and style. I feel this way each day when I, along with others, watch the world go by. Sometimes I feel as though you just have to get out there and let yourself fall in love a little, as a girl in a enormous cloak and a fur hat walks by you can only wonder what beauty is within. With this blog we hope to show you that people feel these same sentiments all around the world.
Call me a wanka, call me a bullshit artist.
But this is our time.
And the time to be yourself is now and throw away any self insecurities and preservation's.


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