Monday, February 27, 2012

february lovin'

It's been a while since we've searched the streets for all of your pretty faces.
So hence these photos are now officially apart of the first proper post for 2012, feel honoured!
We started our day like we usually do- with a coffee -and then moved on to our usual hunting grounds.
We were happy to see that the summer sun had brought everyone out for the day and that the city was full. Inspired to make this year even better than the last, Michael and I stuck it out in places that we previously wouldn't have just to get the perfect shot.
We think we got a few gems, hopefully you agree!
I spotted this girl while she was walking past the GPO building. It was a rare moment when Michael and I both saw people at the same time and shot them both simultaneously.
I just love this girls dress and sunnies. It was so individual and perfect for a summers day!
This girl caught our eye while we were camping out in Little Collins St.
Even though she was fixing a shop front I thought I'd ask fr her photo anyway. I loved her hair and bright dress as it stood out of the busy crowds passing her by. She wasn't as convinced as me as she usually wears a wig, but I think her hair works just as it is.
For the first post of the year I had a feeling i'd be chasing someone down the street or appear 'stalkerish'.
The usual.
When I saw this girl that was the case. I waited by an ATM until she was done and then we tried a few locations to get the lighting right. Even though this might've seemed creepy she was happy to give us some time to get the shot right. She was a natural in front of the camera, giving different poses and having fun.
Definitely my favourite shoot and meet of the day.

 Just as we thought we'd finish up for the day this girl walked past with her friends. Even though she was modest about her outfit, I thought it was great! Simple yet colourful and unique.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Twilight On Chapel

The great thing about my new house is that it's basically a stones throw away from Chapel Street. Making it very easy to go for some relaxing drinks on warm nights, all the while being passed by some very stylish people. Blogging has become a lot easier now as instead of setting aside large parts of time to shoot, it has almost become a part of everyday living.

As I was walking down this small lane way I began to admire the street art along one side. I took in some of the red patterns when this girl began walking down from the opposite direct. As she stepped over a puddle I noticed the relation of the wall to her pants and thought it was a great shot.

 While a bunch of us were having a drink at Yellow Bird this girl came and sat next to me near the conclusion of the evening. We had a good chat and it never even occurred to me take her photo. However   my house mate leaned over and said, "man aren't you going to take her photo?". I thought for a second and was like shit what am I doing, she's gorgeous. So I took her photo and only after found out she was a model.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

sydney- beyond the opera house and harbour bridge.

over new years, while Michael was in Japan, i went to Sydney. rather than only doing the touristy sites (e.g. the Habour Bridge) i travelled out to the suburbs. i met some wonderful people in Newtown and went to some amazing vintage stores. definitely a highlight of my trip!
for those from Melbourne, 'King St' in Newtown was similar to 'Brunswick St' in Fitzroy.
if you're ever in Sydney and want a good shop check it out.
i took my photos on 35mm film because i was worried that my SLR wouldn't be secure enough in our accommodation. but also because i love using film! it's so genuine and no one can ask you to edit out their wrinkles, or lazy eyes. you also get such a surprise when it gets developed.
down 'High St' we came across a great little oppie- St Vinnies. What pleasantly surprised me was that all the volunteers were in their 20's and sporting their own unique styles. This girl was one of them and i just had to take her photo in the store. i think it's great getting younger volunteers as it starts to diminish the idea that oppies are only 'old people' stores. when actually more and more young people flock there everyday.


this guy caught our eyes immediately. not only because he had his own distinct punk style but because he was carrying his pet snake. after introducing ourselves we discovered it was Adam and his snake Anton.
it was a photo that was just begging to be taken!
just left of the Newtown train station and about a 5 minute walk was the local red cross oppie. except it wasn't a normal one, it looked like a proper vintage store. i just loved how they'd rejuvenated the place and i ended up finding floral, high waisted, 'boomer' shorts. i also met this girl in there who was wearing the cutest outfit. her shorts are from a shop called 'Cream'. if you're ever in Surry Hills or Newtown check it out, it's simply AMAZING. remade vintage items for reasonable prices. i bought vintage shirts for $32 each and my bf bought leather shoes for $50. bargain!
i also travelled to 'Paddington' for the markets and the well known 'Oxford St'.
again for Melbournians this street is similar to 'Chapel St'.
there were great vintage finds at the market (such as the vintage plastic watches above and old school sunnies below) and high end fashion down the street.
well worth the visit.

we also came across a little side street just off Oxford St: 'William St'.
If you can imagine...50 terrace houses lining the road and each one being a boutique shop. It was a unique sight and we just had to check it out. Many of the houses were top brands, like '
Nudie Jeans Co.' and others were little vintage stores.

it just goes to show, Sydney's more than just high rise buildings and tourist attractions!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Japan. The land of the rising sun.

Apologies on the complete lack of new posts this year! Life has been quite hectic while getting organised for the year ahead. However I have settled into a new home much closer to the creativity life has to offer. Which means we hope our second year of blogging will be even more fascinating, exiting and inspiring than our first. 
Over New Years I did however make it to Japan, which was truly a wonderful experience. I have never in my life come across a race of people who dress so well and let their outfit become the true definition of who they are. People love to play with fashion in Japan, from outlandish colours to extremely fine detail. Men love to show their feminine side while women show strength and power.
My photos aren't a great example of this as my blogging time was very limited due to a rather short but intense trip. However I do hope they inspire you to sometime visit and be influenced by such a culture rich society.
Yes I got extremely lucky and saw a real Geisha. I was very surprized as I was told that their are only now five hundred left in all of Japan. They say a picture tells a thousands words, well you have to take my word for it that she was simply beautiful and had a certain exticate and elegance that not even a picture could capure. It's very interesting that now in Kyoto a lot of young people are going back to wearing traditional clothing. However the hair styles and accessories they have make you feel like your taking a stroll around Disneyland.

I had a good chat to this lady and she said she doesn't normally dress like this. But during traditional company meetings and events you must wear the traditional attire. Found this very interesting.

We had the pleasure of skiing in Hakuba for our last week of the trip, the home of the 1998 winter Olympics. Believe me their's no such thing as a conservative skiing outfit here. You won't see any black and blues, but some of the most outrageous skiing outfits I have even seen. Skiings always seemed a pretty straight up sport to me. Where you work hard and go for the adrenaline which is the by product. Here people seemed to go to show off their style amongst the powder. Sadly I didn't capture any of this as carrying my camera while tree skiing is simply beyond my capabilities. 

Japan taught me a valuable lesson about people and their relation to photographs. People look at a photo of themselves and get a sense of self definition. People look at a photo of themselves and ask themselves how they can be better, how they can express themselves more through their fashion.
Japan may be the land of the rising sun, but the lights will never go out on self expression.